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Несколько странные особенности русскоязычных преподавателей. [15 Nov 2014|11:07am]

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I think this is where we say hi. [20 Nov 2008|08:06am]

About me:
I'm a 25 year old male in Calgary. I work in a sort of IT/Software Support sort of job... it pays the bills.
I'm a guitar player, though I'm behind on my practice. I've only been at it for a year.
I'm a gamer, but I have a lot of unbeaten games to run through.
I'm a writer, but mostly during November for NaNoWriMo
I'm addicted to Supernatural, it's the only thing still on the tube that's worth watching I find.
My journal posts are mostly collective thoughts... I post most days, looking retroactively at the previous day, but occasionally I rant about something that pops into my head.

Um... yeah... hi.
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hello [05 Oct 2007|10:44am]

Alittle about me welll,I am 34 year old female .I been married for 8 years n togeather for 15 years. i have a 14 year old daughter,i also have two dogs,one cat.
i am very shy n my journal most of the time makes no sence lol But i enjoy reading my friends journals n comment alot i think.I guess if you want to know more just ask:)
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Fill out a quick survey? Pleeeeease? [11 Mar 2007|11:57am]

Hey everyone.

Could ya'll please head on over to this questionnaire and fill it out? It'll take you 5 minutes, tops.

Also, if you could get other people (family, housemates, etc) to take it, I'd be really, really grateful.

It's for a presentation due tomorrow - so any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Looking for Friends =) [12 Feb 2007|12:40am]

Looking for some more LJ friends. If you like a person you can really get to know from their blog, you may enjoy me.

Things you should know... I'm 21, female, picky about friending, college student intellectual type, not-a-liberal Christian, I don't comment enough, but I read everything you have to say. Check the profile for all you could ever need to know.

That's me and my chihuahua in the icon. Comment here or in the journal. Almost all my current entries are public, so you're not missing anything.
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introducing myself and asking for help. : ) [04 Feb 2007|09:47pm]

hello everyone. my name is mary and i live in california. i am actually going to be moving to canada (either toronto or calgary) at the end of December, because i want a change of environment after living in california almost my entire life. i don't really know people in canada, i have just gone there for many trips and love it, so i kind of wanted to make some friends who live in canada. any takers? : ) plus i wanted to try to find people who actually want roommates, because i really don't want to live alone once i get there. umm.. i don't like living alone. this sounds really sad, but true.
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[27 Nov 2006|06:34pm]

ту Канада

Он все-таки уезжает...заговариваю себе зубы, пытаюсь не плакать...он уезжает - чертова заграница! Что, что привлекло его там?

Мы женаты 3 года. Неофициально, конечно, кому нужен этот дурацкий штамп? Ему? Может быть... Мне? Мне он точно не нужен. Но мы живем вместе, мы - единая плоть, и вот теперь этот мой самый родной человек хочет оторвать от меня здоровенный кусок меня. Кусок моей души...

Помню наше знакомство...как глупо и смешно он выглядел, краснеющий, бегающий то и дело в мой кабинет...некрасивый, как мне тогда показалось, но очень мужественный, с четкими, вырубленными чертами лица и очень красивым мускулистым телом. Еще бы - мастер спорта!...
Если бы не смерть мамы и не "семейные обстоятельства", я бы никогда не обратила на него внимания. А он, оказывается, старше на 4 года... собственная квартира...ремонт...он попросил выбрать обои в его комнату, проронил "Это ж ты будешь тут жить"
Я посмеялась. А теперь плачу. Потому что он оказался прав.

Он уезжает. Он начал эту возню полгода назад...с усиленным обучением языку...Он уже жил в Испании 2 года, поэтому уехать для него не составит большого труда. Но...я до последнего верила, что он не уедет без меня...

Он обещает любить только меня. Всегда. И там - я только разведаю, что да как - и вернусь. За тобой. К тебе. Неважно. Главное, что мы всегда будем вместе. Мне никто больше не нужен.

Я не могу и не хочу туда ехать. Что, что вас тянет туда? В Америку, куда уехала лучшая подруга, в Англию, куда уехал двоюродный братишка - которого я воспринимала почти как сына....теперь ты...

Я не смогу так жить. Я не смогу без него жить. Я не выдержу. Разве это любовь? Разве он вернется?
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Intro [22 Nov 2006|04:08pm]

Hello peoples. I'm Jerry. 30yrs old and currently living in the Edmonton, Alberta area, though I've only lived here for just under 2months.
Born and raised in Toronto, I spent the last 7yrs in Prince George B.C. before moving back to T.O. to see family for a quick few months, then moving out here to be with my girlfriend. the Canadian Jack Kerouac life.
Anyways, I've kept a livejournal for almost 6yrs, but the people on that friends list and I have just gotten so familiar with each other that it feels like we've stopped getting to know each other. So I started a new LJ. Just another place to be the same me, but where I can enjoy the anonymouty of posting again. I miss writing for myself.
That said, my friends page isn't much to look at, so I'm looking for intelligent, interesting people to read. You know? just a reason to look at my friends page.

Add me if anything appeals.
found a friend and comment please! [22 Nov 2006|06:01am]

Hello, My journal is fairly new but I have been posting quite alot. I would like to meet people from canada that I dont actually know in my life (lol) just because my journal is kind of personal. I like to be open and write about love, life everything. I am a university student who lives in Quebec and I am more of an "intimate friend" person as compared to a group partyer. Feel free to add me as a friend and read my journal, I'd love to read some comments and look at other journals and meet people with the same interests as me.
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[12 Sep 2006|04:24pm]

canadian[obviously].16.female.loves her music/emo/indie[BILLY TALENT, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack...Anberlin, Bayside, Death Cab For Cutie, Moneen], art, photography, football, basketball and guitar. Add me =D
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